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CBD vs. THC for treating different problems

Regarding Cannabis, THC and CBD are the most common terminologies you are likely to come across. These are the two most potent ingredients of the plant by virtue of which, several ailments can be cured and managed.

CBD vs. THC for pain relief

Pain is a major symptom that can be effectively controlled using cannabis. Both CBD and THC can produce this action; however, the latter one does it at the cost of mind-altering effects.

In the past few years, people have drifted towards products containing best CBD oil for pain, for it combats pain without changing their mental status. However, it does cast an impact on the CNS system, but without making you go as high as a kite, which is the case with the use of THC. CBD promotes the feelings of relaxation in the body while at the same time, combats with inflammation and pain. On the other hand, instead of employing just one of these Phyto-active entities, the use of the whole plant is considered better, for all the plant ingredients are known to work synergistically.

CBD vs. THC for anxiety

Both THC and CBD cast sedating effects on the mind in different ways. For combating with anxiety, low doses of THC are suitable. However, THC in high doses can cause anxiogenic effects. On the other hand, CBD is not associated with any anxiety-promoting chattels. Instead, it can be employed for winding down anxiety caused by THC.

CBD vs. THC For Sleep

The influence of THC on a person's sleep and that of CBD are two contrasting mechanisms. CBD puts you into sleep without making you get addicted to it. On the other hand, constant use of THC can promote anxiety too. Hence, you need to go easy when using THC. The addictive and anxious untoward effects of THC is the reason why in many parts of the world are low-or-no THC and high CBD strains popular as well as legal.

CBD vs. THC For Cancer

When it comes to the treatment of cancer, both CBD and THC are very effective. Research in the context of THC for cancer revealed that the compound contains anti-tumor effects. Using a catheter, THC was introduced in the tumors of patients who were involved in the study and were non-responders of conventional cancer therapy. The subjects exhibited reduced tumor-cell proliferation with the administration of THC. Regarding cannabidiol for cancer, it has been discovered in a study that the compound is effective in suppressing the spread of breast cancer cells by acting on a cellular level.

THC and CBD are also powerful agents for culminating the undesirable effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and anxiety. However, due to the addiction properties of THC, its use is yet controversial.

Best CBD Oil For Pain

There's a large variety of CBD brands suitable for treating pain. CBDMD, Lazarus Naturals, Bluebird Botanicals, Joy and Elixinol are just a few which work wonders in relieving pain. To see the full list of the best oils for pain check out the HerbCollector's Best CBD Oils of 2019